Development Pathways

Pathways Explained

Following the structure of many other sports, we are introducing the concept of ‘Core’, ‘Development’, and ‘High Performance’ pathways. All members are welcome in the CORE classes (and new starters should start in the CORE classes) and these should be your main focus for testing and moving through the belt system. However, to progress your interest in Taekwondo you can try some of our structured pathway classes.

  • CORE’  classes cover all aspects of Taekwondo and are suitable for all grades from beginner to Master who want to enjoy fun structured lessons and work through the Belt system.
  • DEVELOPMENT’ classes are specialist classes with particular themes working towards goals i.e. competitions & demonstrations.

The Pathway Classes are Split into 3 Specialisms

  1. Sport Development Pathway
    This Pathway is for those wishing to learn how to improve their Olympic Rules Competition Sparring. Many of the Participants train towards competition, but those just wanting to improve their sparring are welcome to attend.  The classes are weekly 3 times a week.
  2. Patterns / Poomsae Development Pathway
    These classes focus on Improving Patterns / Poomsae. Many of the regulars compete in Poomsae Competition, but you are welcome to attend if you are just looking to improve for your next grading. The class involves practicing the high level (Black Belt) Poomsae, and some of the dynamic fun elements involved in Freestyle Poomsae. These classes are seasonal in the run up to Poomsae Competitions.
  3. Demo Development Pathway
    These classes are once a week and involve putting together demonstrations to be performed (to promote Taekwondo and the club) art events such as Bournemouth Fireworks, Littledown Family Festival and various other large public events. The training is a little more informal and fun, and includes aspect of Gymnastics and Parkour to excite and thrill onlookers.  Flying kick, Spinning kicks, board breaking, Choreographed fight sequences are all etc.. are all practiced in these classes.
    The classes are Seasonal Easter until Christmas and usually meet once a week.

The prices / costs of the Development Pathway classes have been aligned and there is no need to pay additional fees for the pathway classes – they are included in your monthly payment.

It is important to note that all the classes listed are part of Dorset Taekwondo Association. Whilst many people get used to training with just one instructor, you can increase your skills, knowledge and understanding of Taekwondo by training with other instructors within our Association. You may notice that some of the classes are on at the same times or overlap, which is not ideal. However, all instructors understand that you might want to stick where you are, or try training with another instructor within our group.  It is for you to decide which is best for your interest, progression and development.

We hope you will support the concept and utilise the new classes to improve yourself. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

The lesson Schedule detailing the Class times and types can be found by going to the Downloads Section